Where’s Powell Been? Oh! That’s Right, in Hiding.

Colin Powell’s recent endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President left me wondering where Powell’s been all these years. We haven’t seen much of him since… when was it? Hmm….. Oh! I got it! Since shit went south in Iraq. That’s right. Now I remember. He was a major part of the Bush junta that got us into the mess in Iraq. He was the kind-familiar, reluctant hawk with a dove’s heart who assured us a pre-emptive invasion was the right thing to do. In fact he had the “secret intelligence” that proved… oh, wait… In the end it only proved to be false and very likely manufactured.

Most people agree he was duped and played like a Stradivarius by his dangerous commanders. Eventually, he did jump ship as Sec. of State. But he could have done so sooner, publicly criticizing the Bush Administration. Alas he did not, and tarnished an otherwise seemingly impeccable career. So, he has laid low, in shame it seems, ever since. Now he comes back into the picture to put his weight behind the young contender from Illinois. Oh! And what is this? Ken Adelman too? Hmm? I thought I heard Scott McClellen sneaking around again recently, thinking his tell-nothing book might save his bacon.

If McCain wins, these guys have nothing to fear. They might have blown their chance for a top cabinet post, but they won’t have to ever worry about investigations or tribunals. In fact, they might all be blessed with quiet pardons. But banking on a McCain win at this point is beyond risky. If Obama gets in the office, he might push for steps to reunify all of us – by prosecuting the criminals who deceived us into this irrevocable war with all of its tragic deaths. Where’s Rummy hiding these days?

You Can Put Eyeglasses On a Flock of Sheep, They Are Still a Flock of Sheep

Are we so blind that we need new eyeglasses – especially those, must-have eyeglasses? I read a blurb today dedicated to Sarah Palin’s eyewear! What is worse than the fact that someone actually wrote it is the fact that I actually read it. She wears some special, rimless frames that have become the most-ordered model since, well, another famously bespectacled public figure. I was immediately reminded of this other self-assured, deriding, shameless politician who belittled opponents and friends alike. His hubris knew no bounds and for a time, people were enamored with him and, like Palin’s, eagerly sought his eyewear style for themselves. Donald Rumsfeld fell from the good graces of the people and even eventually the Bush Administration. I don’t know if his rimless glasses are still in demand. I do know that the only place where he is really in demand is in Germany where he’s been indicted for war crimes. I guess the lesson here is that we should probably be more careful where we invest our blind devotion. We should more carefully consider those whom we try to emulate.

-PJ Burns

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