What’s up with Putin?

It seems every time you turn around there is a new photo spread of Vladimir Putin out there – shirtless and virile as ever!

However, I thought that perhaps these photos needed some zip. These quotes truly capture the zeal of the man.

Photo #1 “Oh, Bare BACK. I thought you said we were going to ride bare-chested.”

Photo #2 “I’ll find the Kursk! And I don’t need any damned help from the damned Brits either!”

Photo #3 “A little good old-fashioned KGB fork work will take that smile off his face!”

Photo #4 “Yes, that’s it. Eat up all the tasty Polonium 210. I find even my horses can’t keep secrets.”

Photo #5 Medvedev from a distance: “Hey Vladie! It’s not the length of the pole that counts. It’s the wiggle in the worm!”

Ah, Putin. Russia just wouldn’t be the same without ya!