What’s up with Putin?

It seems every time you turn around there is a new photo spread of Vladimir Putin out there – shirtless and virile as ever!

However, I thought that perhaps these photos needed some zip. These quotes truly capture the zeal of the man.

Photo #1 “Oh, Bare BACK. I thought you said we were going to ride bare-chested.”

Photo #2 “I’ll find the Kursk! And I don’t need any damned help from the damned Brits either!”

Photo #3 “A little good old-fashioned KGB fork work will take that smile off his face!”

Photo #4 “Yes, that’s it. Eat up all the tasty Polonium 210. I find even my horses can’t keep secrets.”

Photo #5 Medvedev from a distance: “Hey Vladie! It’s not the length of the pole that counts. It’s the wiggle in the worm!”

Ah, Putin. Russia just wouldn’t be the same without ya!

For a Bunch of Sheep They Sure Make A Lot of Noise

It is good to see the DNC trying to shed a little light on these nut-fests.
It was wishful thinking that the fringe conservative cranks would have the foresight of their poster mother Sarah Palin to bow out of politics and return home to their humble grumblings over processed foods and slackjawed screenings of 24. However, the latest exhibition of white trash mobs leave little doubt that we’ve not seen the end of this disaffected bunch.

Easily roused by their gascon champions of the airwaves, these dunderheads seek out rallies and town hall meetings to rankle politicians and call attention to their pet issues. They bleat, croak and even growl about Obama’s birth certificate. They squeal about “socialism” taking over the country. These disciples of grandstanding blowhards rant and rave as if their long-sought rapture was actually at hand.

They are blinded by their own ignorance. They can’t see how they are being used, conveyed to rallies, to merely oppose for the sake of opposition. They are the fanatical puppets of Washington’s greediest corporate lobbyists. They are the pawns in the assault to maintain the status quo.

They envision themselves as patriots but they are merely sycophantic crackpots who sabotage legitimate discourse and debate by simply cranking up the volume and vitriol of their idiocy and rancor.

Thankfully this is only a marginal group. Like their counterpart whack jobs on the far left they don’t constitute a majority. Despite their intensity and bitterness they are about as effective as Sarah Palin has proven to be (wink wink, snap, tongue-click, point!)

Bill Clinton vs. Kim Jong Il


Windbags on conservative radio talk shows have lambasted Bill Clinton’s intervention in North Korea. They bleat that North Korea “won big” with Clinton’s visit to secure the release of the two American journalists imprisoned there. Squawk all they want, Clinton definitely comes across looking the victor here. The pinch hitter just knocked one out of the park. He hasn’t appeared this virile since his old White House romps.

Photo-op or not, action-figure jump suit or not, Kim Jung Il just comes across looking more pendulous, meek and, well… wimpy.