Smells Like a good old-fashioned Congress-Corporate Health Care Orgy

When JFK challenged America to put a man on the moon, Congress did not stand in the way of this national goal. Today, when our president puts forth the challenge to provide quality health care for all Americans (a much less daunting task than a moon race) Congress with a powerhouse Democratic majority, has obfuscated and stymied the process while feigning cooperation and a shared vision. They have amended the healthcare bill to include the standard pork and nepotism. They’ve made closed-door deals with insider insurance and pharma companies. They’ve entirely cut out a single-payer option and all but shredded a workable public option. Meanwhile they’ve cried foul that a small group of “Blue Dogs” along with the fully flaccid Republicans have hijacked their bill. First of all, to rein in a handful of rogue status-quo politicians from your own party, simply expose them and their Phizer/Kaiser connections. Secondly, claiming the Republicans have submarined this bill is like blaming our struggles in Iraq on the few ineffectual Portuguese troops there. The Republicans had no teeth when this bill was first floated; you have since given them some – though still just baby teeth, they will undoubtedly grow into fangs. However, fanged or gummy, the Republicans don’t have the numbers, ignore them. However, the truth remains that Republicans and Democrats alike don’t like to embarrass their colleagues, no matter if they are cheating on their wives or cheating the American people out of affordable health care. Perhaps a little shining light here might just reveal one giant Congressional-Corporate orgy.

The End of an Error