Health Care Hydra



We are going from the Caduceus to THE HYDRA

In response to the article on the “primary care shortage” (Arizona Daily Star ):

It seems there are two kinds of doctors out there: those who get into medicine to help people and those seeking wealth. Dr. Linda Williams at El Rio Community Health Center is clearly the former, flouting the big bucks of an overpaid specialist. Dr. Williams and others devoted to patients rather than salaries deserve our appreciation and respect. I am left wondering why an anesthesiologist or a cardiologist (invasive or otherwise) deserves a $400,000 salary. If they are honest with themselves, they are probably wondering the same thing. Student loans of over $200,000? School teachers often accrue bills at the end of their professional training around $100,000. Yet they earn an average salary of $40,000, maintain a comfortable lifestyle and manage to pay off their loans. Perhaps the focus here should be on what constitutes a “comfortable lifestyle.” I certainly want my surgeon to make a decent living and get a good night’s rest each day, but I don’t know if he deserves an Italian sports car and 5 days of golf per week. Perhaps they deserve more because they literally have a life in their hands. However, so do airplane pilots, yet the airlines have systematically slashed their salaries in the last decade. Once again I offer you our teachers as an example; they have lives in their hands. Do they deserve a summer home and four-day ski weekends? Perhaps we need to rethink our priorities.

The article also tersely referred to the expenses of “delivering medicines” that have outpaced physicians’ salaries, as well as the fact that many primary care doctors can’t afford to provide health insurance for their support staff. It is impossible today to discuss the medical field without stumbling over the pharmaceutical and insurance companies (the elephants in the emergency room). Just like it is impossible to actually receive medical treatment without eventually dealing with these devils. Perhaps the doctors, like the patients, are also victims of these leviathans. Medical care was once so simple: a patient, a doctor and a hospital. Now, we have a multi-headed hydra that will eventually consume us all, unless we work together to kill it first.

Want new jobs? Legalize it!


No, not pot. Hemp. It is harmless, really. Guess what, it CAN’T even get you high – not even if you smoked the millions of plants the the DEA uproots every year (costing millions of dollars).

Cut spending and create jobs, all from one magical plant that can’t even raise a good buzz.

I mean if Barney Frank and Ron Paul can agree on this one, its the biggest “no brainer” to come out of D.C. since Rush Limbaugh.

Click to access FrankPaulHemp.pdf