Could Her Emails Be Hiding Secret Palin Baby Names?

Considering she only showed up to work about a third of the time she was supposed to, a thorough scour through her official communiques probably wouldn’t turn up much. But let’s have some fun speculatin’ as to what might be on those ding-dang pesky old emails anyhoo!

Much is made of Sarah’s lack of experience in.. well just about everything. However, making and naming babies is something she knows very well. I bet some of these secret emails contain long lists of possible baby names she had considered, or she might be considering for future progeny.

What might be some of the names she’d come up with, I wonder. She has a tendency to name her children after places, events and things important to her. Her son Track was named after her technique for finding her way home in the snow. Her daughter Piper was named after a favorite wrestling hero of the mid 80’s and it is also a tip of the hat to the many oil workers in her fair state. Her daughter Bristol is named after Sarah’s favorite pharmaceuticals company (she has since had the name legally amended to Bristol-Meyers Squibb Palin). Her youngest child Trig is named after the pesky college course that kept her bouncing around from school-to-school for many frustrating years (The course was actually Pre-algebra, but who’s gonna name their kid that, huh? Geez!).

Sarah’s still young and there’s plenty of birthin’ left in her I reckon. So, when this silly old election is over and she can get back to doin’ what she does best, what might she name her next four kids?
Considering recent events in Sarah’s life, I came up with a quick list of names she might currently be considering.

Yukon, Sled, Gauge, Trigger, Chopper, Fox, Blast, Gov Jr., Veeper, McCalin, Surge, Couric, Huffington, Kos, Limbaugh, Hannity, Sadr – oh… well, maybe not that last one.

What do you think? Offer some more names for the forthcoming Palin brood.

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