McCain Already Scheming To Play Bush-Style Politics

In a recent off-the-cuff remark made in Wisconsin, McCain promised to go after the politicians who allowed the current financial disaster to occur.  He went further stating Democrats are to blame for this situation, namely Barack Obama, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.  He vowed to go after these guys when he is president.

He supports unregulated markets from one side of his mouth.  The other side criticizes the government for not regulating financial institutions.  But that criticism is limited to one party.  It is interesting how “The Maverick” is so eager to go reach across the aisle to point the finger at the Democrats.  Why isn’t he “ruffling the feathers of his own party” this time?  He can’t be bipartisan enough now to lay blame at the feet of at any of the 40 or so Republican members of financial oversight committees? Why can’t he admit to the culpability of his own party, his own president?  The past eight years of this corporate financial free-for-all has left the richest even richer and left the rest of us holding the bill.

Now we see a glimpse into a McCain administration.  We can see that, like Bush, McCain is a self-serving manipulator of any situation.  He instinctively vows to attack the other party – simultaneously eliminating dissent and opposition, while shielding his allies from blame.  We’ve seen these Bush-style tactics for 8 years and we have collectively suffered from them.  McCain only offers more of the same and we can’t afford it anymore.